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The 47-acre research campus at S-E-A marries time tested methodologies with some of the most advanced techniques and groundbreaking innovations available. The S-E-A Vehicle Evaluation Center combines both test laboratories and proving grounds to perform vehicle evaluation and analysis for the transportation industry.

Inside the 110,000 ft2 facility, test laboratories can perform a wide variety of vehicle parameter evaluation, ranging from the component level up to full vehicles. Confidential testing suites are available to maintain the privacy of our clients. Outside on the campus, S-E-A maintains an asphalt test pad for on-highway vehicles, as well as a dirt test pad and trails for off-road vehicles. Dynamic testing can be performed by one of our trained drivers, or be performed completely unmanned with one of our driving robots.

S-E-A employs experts in vehicle dynamics, biomechanics, metallurgy and chemistry, among many others; so no matter whether you want to perform on track dynamic maneuvers, impact tests to evaluate material strength, durability cycles to determine component failure modes, or verify performance to regulatory and safety standards, the S-E-A Vehicle Evaluation Center has the expertise to meet your needs.





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