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Flammability and Fire Testing

Some materials are more flammable than others.

But, exactly how flammable is a particular product and how is it measured?

What is an acceptable range? At what temperature will a product hit "flash point?" These are very important questions, both for pre-market testing and accident investigation. Our laboratory staff is tasked with answering these types of questions on a daily basis.

S-E-A conducts a variety of flammability and flash point testing to meet customer needs. The basic testing provided includes, but is not limited to: garment flammability testing (16 CFR 1610), children's sleepwear flammability testing (16 CFR 1615 and 1616), small scale flammability testing of plastic materials ASTM D3801 and numerous open and closed cup flashpoint test methods, e.g. ASTM D56, D92 and D93.

In addition to standardized testing, S-E-A has the capability to conduct client specific testing to evaluate various scenarios and situations.

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