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Marine Accident Investigation

It's difficult to imagine a more challenging environment for man and his works to endure than the sea and its surroundings.

Only the nearly limitless beauty and bounty of the marine world could lure us again and again to make a place for ourselves nearby. There are a thousand things that go wrong out here, and only a handful of people with the expertise and experience to isolate the ones that have.

At S-E-A, we have nearly 50 years experience investigating, researching and reconstructing accidents and failures worldwide, including those that take place where the man-made is often swallowed up or swept away altogether.

With a Captain on deck and a team of experienced and qualified maritime experts, the Marine & Energy group of S-E-A has investigated accidents around the globe. Together, they have revealed the cause of failures involving oil platforms, ship channel navigation miscalculations and boat on boat collisions, among others. They've also mitigated the risk of potential accidents through in-depth testing, providing both small and well-known commercial entities with the key information they need to make informed decisions.