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Electrical Failure Analysis and Consulting

In our comfort and convenience world, life without electrical power is almost unimaginable.

It takes a power outage to remind us just how many of the things we use and take for granted are electrical.

Even worse, improper installation or operation of electrical equipment, or the simple failure of a powered product or system to perform as it should, can lead to a dramatic demonstration of how deadly and destructive electricity can be.

While electrically powered devices are ubiquitous in our world, the expertise to isolate and identify the cause of failures is not. Particularly when trying to find and identify them in the midst of burn damage.

Our electrical engineers possess the expertise and experience as well as the testing facilities and labs needed to reveal the cause of failure and demonstrate for all parties just what happened and oftentimes why.

Our widely experienced professionals, many with C.F.I. and/or C.F.E.I. certification, are outstanding investigators—experts in determining the causes and origins of electrical fires and in analyzing product failures. In all their investigative work, they adhere strictly to guidelines of the scientific method.


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S-E-A is a Forensic Engineering Firm with corporate headquarters based in Columbus, OH. S-E-A is a true multi-disciplined failure analysis company with fire investigators, civil engineers, electrical engineers, and mechanical engineers. Basically, if it fails or breaks we figure out how and why. Contact us Today.