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Driving Robots

The S-E-A Automated Test Driver (ATD) is ideal for testing the performance and handling of a vehicle. The ATD combines the Automated Steering Controller (ASC) and Brake-Throttle Robot (BTR), along with GPS based path planning to provide a turn-key vehicle driving system for completely unmanned vehicle testing. A single electronics box controls both the ASC and BTR, as well as provides data acquisition. The subsystems ASC and BTR can be used independently to perform vehicle testing that does not require the complete system.

The ATD can be easily programmed to provide any type of steering profile, allowing users to generate precisely controlled and repeatable steering maneuvers. Steering profiles can also be derived from feedback based on vehicle responses or outside triggers.

The ATD can be utilized with a human in the vehicle, or not. Rollovers and crashes can be performed without concern for a human occupant's safety and tests can be accurately repeated due to the removal of the inherent variability involved with a human driver.

The ATD is available for both on and off-highway vehicles, including all-terrain vehicles (ATVs).