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Aircraft Accident Investigation

With today's accidents often due to multiple causes, it takes a team with broad and specialized knowledge to determine what happened and why.

Many times, losses within the aviation industry are unique and complex. At S-E-A, we employ multi-disciplined teams, available at a moment's notice, to analyze as many aspects of a failure as required.

For example, an airplane crash may involve an aeronautical engineer specializing in aircraft design, performance, and on-board "black box" data analysis to reconstruct the accident. Electrical engineers may be needed to evaluate cockpit equipment failures and a fire investigator to determine origin, cause and combustion processes. Powerplant failure may require a mechanical teardown and a metallurgical engineering evaluation. A biomechanical engineer can evaluate the crashworthiness of a seat and a laboratory chemist may identify residues to provide clues about the sequence of events.Finally, a member of our Demonstrative Evidence team can provide detailed interactive animations to accurately describe to a jury what happened.

With experts in various aviation disciplines, including aerospace/aeronautical, mechanical, metallurgical and material, and electrical engineering as well as registered pilots or U.S. Air Force veterans, S-E-A has the breadth of knowledge and experience to handle the complex losses of the aviation industry. That expertise extends to premises liability incidents, vehicle collisions at airports and 3D Laser Scanning of facilities from which 3D measurements can be obtained and fly-throughs created.

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