Support & Other Services

As a full-service forensic investigative service, S-E-A offers a broad range of in-house support services to its experts. From a chemical laboratory to an entire research center, S-E-A has the facilities needed to answer the toughest questions.

Our Demonstrative Evidence team is adept at conveying complex and convoluted answers with lucidly clear visuals. Be it a detailed 3-D computer animation detailing the sequence of events leading to a 10-car pile-up, or a fully functioning model of a crane snapping in two when overloaded, our team first recommends an optimal visual medium and then brings it to life.

Our information researchers, on the heels of developing an internal database to collect and organize rare and out-of-print documents and publications, support our experts by locating applicable codes, regulations, technical documents and other materials for review as cases require.


The in-house S-E-A chemical laboratory has been consistently relied upon by legal, insurance and retail communities for over four decades. Supporting our fire investigators, electrical engineers and other professionals, the laboratory staff is comprised of chemists, materials engineers, industrial hygienists, environmental scientists and technicians.

Three-dimensional laser scanners are employed by many of our field experts in order to turn a burned building, crushed car or construction site into a fully measureable point cloud. Scanners are becoming a critical component of the forensic engineer's toolbox.

S-E-A's patent agents, scientists and engineers have a strong history of assisting clients with their intellectual property needs. With access to the extensive range of disciplines housed within S-E-A's walls, finding the right professional for the job has never been easier.