Storm & Catastrophe

The first thing lost in a major storm is objectivity. Structural failures and the resulting destruction are blamed on Mother Nature.

At first.

Ultimately, the placement of accountability becomes complex. Were there engineering flaws? Substandard materials? Code violations? Did the government fail somehow?

The only answers to the emotional upheaval and uncertainty are the facts.


Since Hurricane Hugo, when we first established our 24-hour/day Storm & Catastrophe response team, insurance companies and municipalities have come to rely upon the experts of S-E-A. Our convenient year-round Storm Team 800 number (800-782-6851) and mobile application provide our clients with round-the-clock access to our mobile storm office.

From mold/mildew evaluation to water intrusion analysis, from civil/structural failures to building systems damage, S-E-A has a long history as an acknowledged leader in investigative engineering and forensic science relating to catastrophes such as hurricanes, tornados and hailstorms.


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