Roll Simulator / Occupant Restraint Testing

One of our passions at S-E-A is to provide manufacturers with the information they need to make vehicles safer.

From automobiles to forklifts to all-terrain vehicles, we love to test it all. In fact, we enjoy it so much that we've built an entire facility, the S-E-A Roll Simulator, to test occupant safety in vehicle rollover or near-rollover events.

S-E-A's Roll Simulator is a unique and unrivaled device that can evaluate occupant restraint performance in a rollover event and determine occupant kinematics using repeatable and reliable multi-axis tests. Designed and built by the collaboration of Mechanical Engineering, Vehicle Dynamics and Biomechanics groups, the dedicated indoor Roll Simulator facility is part of S-E-A's Research Center.

  • Accurate and repeatable simulator of real-world events
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Occupant protection and response evaluation
  • Tip over, trip and/or non-roll event simulation
  • Minor accident simulation
  • R&D, regulatory compliance and litigative matters
  • Dedicated indoor facility at S-E-A Research Center
  • High-speed video, motion capture system, test platform and on-board sensors
  • Accommodates variety of vehicles and occupant protection systems including off-highway vehicles, utility vehicles, golf carts and forklifts