Research Center

Why would anyone put their time-tested brand name on an untested product?

As companies strive to offer consumers the products they desire at the price points they demand, they seek vendors that can help them meet both these needs. When both needs can be met without compromising safety, it's a beautiful thing indeed.

In labs and facilities across the country, S-E-A scientists and engineers are mitigating risk for manufacturers, retailers and their customers for a wide variety of products.

We're testing items—from candles to golf cars—which allows retailers to offer the kind of user safety that American consumers take for granted.

S-E-A offers an unrivaled array of pre-market product testing and ongoing quality research services. Clients have an added measure of confidence in the integrity of their products knowing that S-E-A's advanced analytical and testing tools have been employed in the search for defects or weaknesses.

Here are just a few of the product reliability and consumer safety tests, analyses and evaluations conducted by our researchers, in-house laboratory technicians and various engineering groups.