Product Testing / Recalls

How do you optimize the performance and cost of a product while maintaining its level of safety?

Consumer demand and the entrepreneurial spirit have resulted in a vast array of new products manufactured both domestically and abroad. While there are many positive aspects to this phenomenon, the question of manufacturing standards and product safety becomes increasingly complex.

We've been called on to perform testing in cases where there has allegedly been injury or damage from products and now, our 40+ years of experience has resulted in us being a leader in pre-market testing of everyday products to mitigate risk for retailers and their customers.


Products presented to the S-E-A team are exhaustively examined, both visually and with the most advanced instruments, to determine the presence or absence of claimed defects. Special attention is paid to government, industry, ISO and client standards. Our in-house laboratory and Research Center test everything from candles to golf carts, allowing retailers to offer the kind of user safety that American consumers take for granted. Careful consideration is given to the original product design and modifications; warnings, labels, instructions, and recall notices; and appropriate safeguarding mechanisms.