Ignitable Liquid

Our clients have enough to do. Making another phone call to coordinate expert needs shouldn't be one of them.

That's why S-E-A established an in-house chemical laboratory—with a single phone call, we can handle it. Our state-of-the-art laboratory is an integral part of what can truly be considered a complete investigative service.


This laboratory frequently conducts the analysis of fire debris for the presence of residual ignitable liquids using the most current ASTM methodologies, the generally accepted methods of analysis for fire debris by the forensic scientific community. As ASTM committee members and through our work with TWGFEX/SWGFEX, many S-E-A staff are also directly involved in the review and revision of current standards as well as the development of new ones. Additionally, the S-E-A Chemical Laboratory performs analysis for the presence of vegetable oils and animal fats. The presence of these materials in fire debris may be indicative of a spontaneous heating event.