3D Laser Scanning

The application of a scanner is only limited by the imagination.

The 3-D laser scanners employed by S-E-A provide investigators with millions upon millions of data points from which everything can be measured--from the angle of a splinter of wood to an entire oak tree. Every second, the scanner captures one million data points with almost pinpoint accuracy. Imagine re-creating an entire fire scene as a 3-D model to be presented to a jury. In color.



You only have one opportunity to present your case at trial.

The forensic engineers, investigators and demonstrative evidence team of S-E-A will collaborate with clients to ensure that they have the necessary visual aids and expertise to effectively communicate their position.

Utilizing in-house, cutting-edge technology, the demonstrative evidence team, along with the forensic engineers and experts of S-E-A, creates 3-D models, computer graphics and animations to communicate the facts surrounding a particular event. All of our animations, graphics and 3-D models are generated from accurate information based on input from our forensic engineers and investigators.

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For more examples, visit our Vimeo page.

Medical Visualization

You only have one opportunity to present your case at trial.

S-E-A's expertise in failure analysis doesn't end with investigation and research. Our medical illustrators and animators are producing advanced visual support that can have a significant impact on educating juries.

Our 3D animations can bring the nuances of your case to life and provide multiple perspectives of medical devices, anatomical features, and physiology with detail down to the cellular and molecular level.

With provided CT data, we can create 3D models. These can be used within a 3D animation or can be printed to show the exact anatomy and location of an injury sustained by an individual.

The work being done in S-E-A's Visualization Group is incredibly important to us and to our clients.

Because a case isn't made until it is understood. 

For more examples, visit our Vimeo page