Fortunately, explosions and catastrophic events do not occur every day. But, when something does explode, an expedited response is imperative. Though explosions can be caused by many phenomena, they always result in the same violent release of energy and damage to property, sometimes causing injury or death. S-E-A has investigated countless explosions—revealing the cause of failure and assisting the client in determining responsibility for the event.

Members of this group come from multiple disciplines within our organization. Due to the complex nature of these occurrences, it is common for these experts to work as a team. A reported gas line failure may involve mechanical and materials engineers, both tasked with conducting the site inspection and laboratory examination. If a building is involved in the explosion, a civil/structural engineer will likely be called in to evaluate building integrity as well. Depending on the extent and complexity of the case, many disciplines from S-E-A may be counted on to work together to reveal the cause.


24-Hour Rapid Response

It seems that explosions rarely occur on weekdays and less often between 8:00am and 5:00pm. For that reason, S-E-A's 24-Hour Rapid Response Team takes pride in its ability to react quickly to our clients needs in the oil and gas industry as well as those involved in product manufacturing and trucking. S-E-A's experts are poised to react no matter the time.

Our experienced professionals have investigated thousands of explosions in our 40-plus years of operation, applying the same systematic approach all-along.