Our Areas of Expertise

As technologies proliferate and industries evolve, organizations across the country face new kinds of risks. S-E-A has the full-time staff to address them. Here are the general areas in which our company now provides a full range of services:

  • Fire / Explosion Origin & Cause Investigations
  • Electrical Failures / Electrocutions
  • Vehicle Accident Reconstruction
  • Materials / Metallurgical Analysis
  • Structural Failures / Scope of Damage
  • Product Failures / Product Liability
  • Trucking & Heavy Equipment Investigations
  • Biomechanical / Biomedical Analysis
  • Marine Related Fires & Accidents
  • Construction Defects & Investigations
  • Environmental / Occupational / Health & Safety Investigations
  • Workplace Accidents / Premises Liability
  • Opposing Expert Report Reviews
  • Before / After Market Product Testing

Persuasive Verbal Skills and Visual Tools

An accurate analysis of the cause of an accident or the relevance of a complex engineering principle is only as good as one's ability to explain it. Our court-qualified and seasoned experts not only have a strong command of their disciplines, but also the polished communication skills to make complicated issues lucidly clear and our client's case compelling. More often than not, our presentations are bolstered by cutting-edge in-house visualization technology managed by our demonstrative evidence team. These professionals create precise computer graphics, models, animations, charts and diagrams based on information from our engineers and investigators.