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Sports and recreational injuries occur frequently with most being minor in nature.  However, some injuries can be serious or have serious consequences, specifically those involving the head/brain. Would the injuries have been mitigated or prevented if the individual had been utilizing head protection? How important was the absence or presence of head protection relative to the injury sustained? 

Here at S-E-A, our experts have the ability to develop reliable answers to these important questions among the many others that can be raised. With flexible and customizable testing and simulation platforms, S-E-A is able to adapt its work to the needs of its clients and specific to each project.

When evaluating an injury, or alleged injury, to the head/brain during a sport or recreational activity, the use, non-use or mis-use of head protection is often called into question. When performing investigations and analyses, S-E-A’s biomechanists can evaluate the environment in which the incident occurred to determine if it may have contributed in some fashion. Physical testing can also be done involving a crash test dummy to replicate the specific parameters being investigated. Computer simulations are additional tools which allow our experts to safely and effectively recreate an injury event and the efficacy of various protective devices. 

Along with providing these forensic consultant services, S-E-A biomechanics experts provide consultation and test services to help our clients with the evaluation and development of protective equipment, even before they reach the market.