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The S-E-A Automated Test Driver (ATD) is ideal for testing the performance of a vehicle, or safely conducting crash tests. The ATD can be easily programmed to provide any type of steering profile, allowing users to generate precisely controlled and repeatable steering maneuvers. Steering profiles can also be derived from feedback based on vehicle responses, such as vehicle speed.

The ATD can be utilized with a human in the vehicle, or not. Rollovers and crashes can be performed without concern for a human occupant's safety and tests can be accurately repeated due to the removal of the inherent variability involved with a human driver.

The S-E-A ATD is available for both on and off-highway vehicles, including all-terrain vehicles (ATVs).

Features of the Automated Test Driver:

  • User friendly device and easy to install (replaces existing steering wheel or fits over steering wheel)
  • High torque – provides over 50 ft-lb (68 N-m) steering torque
  • Eight channels of analog input – allows additional feedback to control steering profiles
  • Roll rate and/or yaw rate can be monitored and used to prompt steering and handling dynamic maneuvers
  • Playback feature – Records any driver-initiated steering input and can playback identical steering profile
  • Vehicle speed, or other variables, can be displayed in the view panel located in the center of the controller
  • User Interface is through familiar Microsoft-based Windows software
  • Communicates with a laptop through a standard USB port
  • Any steering profile can be easily and quickly programmed into the controller
  • Easy interface to existing data acquisition systems


Sea Limited

2015 Model ASC

Sea Limited

Rear of Steering Controller