Candle Testing

For more than a decade, the S-E-A candle testing laboratory has occupied a 4,500 square foot test facility specifically designed for conducting candle safety and performance testing.

This facility contains four separate burn areas each with its own HVAC system in order to maintain room temperatures between 65° and 80°F with minimal drafts. Up to 3,000 candles can be tested per day.

In order to reduce flame cone disruption, air movement around the candles has been designed to be no more than 30 FPM (feet per minute). Additionally, each candle testing room experiences at least 15 changes of air per hour, thereby introducing fresh air to the room at all times.

S-E-A's candle testing laboratory capabilities include, but are not limited to:


  • ASTM F2417 – Candle fire safety testing
  • ASTM F2179 – Candle glassware testing
  • ASTM F2601 – Candle accessory testing
  • ASTM F2058 – Candle safety labeling review
  • ASTM F2326 – Visible emissions from candles
  • NIOSH 1500 and 1501 hydrocarbon analysis
  • NIOSH 5515 PAH analysis by Gas Chromatography
  • Percent fragrance concentration testing
  • Flash point determination of candle systems and fragrances utilizing ASTM methodologies
  • US CBP methods 34-07, 34-14, 34-15 and 34-16 accredited
  • Percent Paraffin Wax Concentration in Candles
  • Lead Analysis of Wicks and Coating
  • Failed Candle Evaluations
  • Customs analysis for candles imported from China
      • USCL Method 34-07 quantification of paraffin in beeswax and other waxes by high temperature capillary gas chromatography
      • US CBP methods 34-14, 34-15, 34-16
  • Client Specific Testing Available as Requested