Biomechanical Sports Evaluation

Many sports tend to push the human body to its limits, subjecting it to forces which may be bone shattering.

Literally. For high-speed and high-impact activities, protective equipment is an absolute necessity. But, what happens when that equipment is misused or doesn't live up to its intended purpose? How much force should a helmet be expected to withstand without compromising its functionality?


These are the kinds of questions that S-E-A's biomechanical engineering group is tasked with answering every day. The group, comprised of widely published and recognized court-qualified authorities, has the formal education, training and experience to bridge the gap between engineering and medicine in order to analyze the effects of applied forces and motion on the human body.

With access to an arsenal of fully-instrumented anthropomorphic test devices (crash dummies), motion capture systems and high-speed video cameras, S-E-A's biomechanical engineers have the technology they require to tackle exceptionally complex projects in-house.