You only have one opportunity to present your case at trial.

The forensic engineers, investigators and demonstrative evidence team of S-E-A will collaborate with clients to ensure that they have the necessary visual aids and expertise to effectively communicate their position.

Utilizing in-house, cutting-edge technology, the demonstrative evidence team, along with the forensic engineers and experts of S-E-A, creates 3-D models, computer graphics and animations to communicate the facts surrounding a particular event. All of our animations, graphics and 3-D models are generated from accurate information based on input from our forensic engineers and investigators.

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Sample Portfolio
Accident and Bio Reconstruction

One vehicle t-bones another, resulting in driver injury and vehicle damage. S-E-A was asked to produce an animation accurately demonstrating the nature of the accident, highlighting vehicle damage, and illustrating the resulting injuries. The animation is based on vehicle motion as simulated in HVE and the illustrated injuries were derived from x-rays.

Fall Simulation

A power plant worker falls from a catwalk that is missing a floor panel. S-E-A was asked to produce a 3D model and simulation to help determine whether the worker fell through the missing catwalk panel, or by other means. The power plant was scanned using the 3D scanner, and the resulting model was used in MADYMO to recreate the final rest position of the fallen worker. Finally, an animation was created to compare the area below the missing catwalk panel with the final rest position of the worker.

Gas Line Locations

An explosion occurs after gas and electrical lines are damaged during the replacement of a length of pipe in a water line, resulting in the complete destruction of the electrical line. S-E-A was asked to demonstrate the location of electrical line relative to the known gas line. Using the area of origin as determined by experts, as well as known electrical line elements including scene blueprints, measurements and photos, S-E-A created the resulting animation.

Motion Capture

A man jumping off a moving golf cart to retrieve a dropped item suffers head trauma. S-E-A conducts motion capture tests to replicate the jumping maneuver and golf cart motion. The resulting data was used to produce an animation in order to demonstrate the way in which the golfer fell.

Video Editing & Compositing

A police officer directing traffic in a work zone claims to have broken his hand after being hit by a passing truck. S-E-A was asked to produce a photorealistic representation of the accident scene at the time of the accident including traffic density, lighting/shadows, etc. First, video of the truck in question was recorded as it was driving through the intersection. Second, the video was edited to more accurately represent traffic conditions at the time of the incident. Finally, 3D elements, in the form of traffic cones and the officer, were added to complete the scenario.

Visibility Animations & Analysis

After a vehicle becomes disabled along a sharp curve of freeway, the driver exits the car and walks to the rear to inspect the issue. A bus then collides with the car, pinning the car’s driver. S-E-A was asked to evaluate the visibility of the disabled vehicle from the bus driver’s point of view, as well as the visibility of the bus from the car driver’s point of view, and ultimately demonstrate what both parties were able to see through a photorealistic animation. The scene was recreated using as-built drawings and photographic background references, the bus was modeled from S-E-A’s 3D laser scans, lighting was matched to video references and traffic was derived from nearby surveillance video.